About Us

Hi, my name is Jo and I am the maker behind Beau and The Beast. I started Beau and The Beast in 2016 by making a dog collar and bandana for my dog Banks, I was having a tough time trying to get anything from the store to fit him (or really anything we liked). So when I made it and it ended up turning out really cool and my husband didn't hate it, I continued making more. I then also started making bandana's for my friends who were having babies. Now fast forward to 2018 when I was pregnant with my sweet little one and could literally not find anything that wasn't pink, purple or that didn't have way to many ruffles: it left me really frustrated. I just couldn't understand how little girls clothing had to be so stereotypical (like why couldn't they be as cool and simple as the little dudes clothing). I want my little one to have her own identity so what better way to do that then with a custom jacket geared to her personality. Welcoming in the Beau part of the brand which focuses on bring out the child's personality with out stereotyping them. 

As I built up the brand I also then decided on making gender neutral clothing is how I want my little girl to dress... I want her to know that she is able to wear anything and be anyone. No one should tell her that "pink is for girls". I built this collection for everyone to feel good from mom to little to our little fur babies.

The collection is refined mixed of boho meets city living with a hint of a minimalist point of view. Each piece is unique and handcrafted. Banks is my partner in crime in this business and we absolutely love what we do and we love the items we make. Banks loves them so much he even gives them smooches... We strive to make top quality items that you too will love in your daily life with little ones.

What we do:
We use quality items in every stage of the crafting process because when your co-founders are (an 85 pound dog and a little girl) it has to live up to the test. We want the items you buy to be things you love; that are well made and will look good wandering all over the forest, city or daycare. We carefully choose the coolest fabrics, vintage fabrics we can find (we also make our own hand-dye, hand-stamped fabric as well).

We pair all dog accessories with stainless steel and solid brass hardware. All of the collars and leashes are reinforced with Nylon which we put to the test with Banks in his everyday wanders.

Our Mission
Our Co-Founder is the biggest inspiration we have! We love to call Banks our "Dumpster Dog", Banks and his siblings were thrown into a dumpster when they were just born. And thats when he came into our life, we adopted him from the Humane Society and so for us giving back to them is the ultimate gift. We have our Wanderer Collection and every collar or leash bought from that collection gives back to our local Humane Societies.  We donate 15% of the proceeds to help them feed and take care of the dogs just like Banks. 

We hope you enjoy everything we poured our heart in soul into. We can't wait for you to run around the dog park, go on epic wandering adventures, hangout on the playground or in the classroom and even chill at the beach in our stuff.

Make sure you take pictures of all the mess and wandering you get into while wearing our collection, we love seeing them.  

​Happy Wandering,
Jo & Banks